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Our catalogues detail our collection. Our Tapestry Collection Catalogue is large and is expensive to reproduce and mail. We require a payment for catalogues.

Contact us and we can help you select the right catalogue/s.

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Tapestry Collection Catalogue
240 page colour catalogue offers an extensive collection of wall hanging tapestries. Designs cover the period from the 11th Century to the 19th Century.



Tapestry Cushions & Accessories
33 page colour catalogue offering images of tapestry cushions, door rolls, bellpulls and butler-bells, table runners, throws, tapestry purses, framed tapestries, caskets, footstools, high stools and firescreens




Tapestries and Cushions
53 page colour catalogue containing more images of tapestries, tapestry hanging rods, tapestry accessories and tapestry cushions.



Tapestry and Cushions Supplement
24 page colour catalogue containing the newest range in our collection. Some images complement our traditional range, some include the new “artists” collection and contemporary floral collection.



Woven Art Tapestry Collection
A unique selection of woven wall hangings combining new and contemporary look, included seascapes, landscapes, street scapes and more.



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Tapestry Cushions ($15)
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Woven Art Tapestry Collection ($10)