Bell Pulls & Butler Bells

Tapestry Bellpulls and Butler-bells are a gorgeous addition to your home and fit perfectly in long thin areas. Every design is available as either a bellpull (denoted by prefix BP) or as a Butler-Bell (denoted by prefix BB). Please contact us if you wish to change the header when ordering.

Art Decorative Collection

Tapestries inspired by 18th century Dutch and Flemish painters with floral, still-life and architectural themes make wonderful interiors. These represent a much more decorative style with many floral designs featuring richly ornamented borders.

Exotic plants and animals contribute to the tapestry designs celebrating travel and botanical riches from the newly discovered lands.

Classic Tapestries has many beautiful Art Decorative designs available. Not all are available for viewing on the website. We welcome enquiries. Please contact us for further designs.