Bell Pulls & Butler Bells

Tapestry Bellpulls and Butler-bells are a gorgeous addition to your home and fit perfectly in long thin areas. Every design is available as either a bellpull (denoted by prefix BP) or as a Butler-Bell (denoted by prefix BB). Please contact us if you wish to change the header when ordering.

Medieval 'Mille-Fleurs' Collection

Within this category you will find arguably the most famous masterpieces of textile art known as the Lady with the Unicorn. The striking red background against the contrasting dark blue of the island upon which the Lady, the Unicorn, the Lion and the maidservant stand delight the eye. The backgrounds are decorated with flowers and trees and little animals, varying with each tapestry. The lady, her gown, head-dress and jewels are also different for each tapestry. Everything combines to charm and delight as well as to fascinate us with the mystery surrounding the creation of these ancient surviving tapestries.

Many tapestries have a mille fleur background (meaning thousand flowers) but the most famous are the tapestries from the Lady with the Unicorn a series of six tapestries depicting the five senses and the sixth showing the Lady replacing the necklace from around her neck into a casket offered by her maid. The Lady with the Unicorn tapestries are believed to have been woven around 1490 and were brought to the attention of the wider public at the Chateau de Boussac in France during the 1840's. After many long years they were finally brought to the Cluny Museum in France and now occupy a unique purpose built exhibition space.

Other tapestries from this period celebrate aspects of court life and village activities such as winemaking, harvest, concerts, embroidery and shearing.

An extensive range of Mille-Fleurs tapestries and designs are available for purchase at Classic Tapestries. Not all are available for viewing on the website. We welcome enquiries. Please contact us for further designs.


From the "mille-fleur" period meaning "thousand flowers".     This bell pull is loom woven. For more information on the bell pull header, please contact Classic Tapestries .                                                                                 


A traditional bell pull from the Mille - Fleurs period from the 15th Century. This distinctive style thought to be inspired by the custom of strewing cut flowers on fete days in Medieval times.